Kids Craft Ideas – Emoji Inspired

Kids love Emojis and why not they are so cute and fun! KimspiredDIY on Youtube is a fun and creative channel that has a lot of Emoji DIY craft videos.  I love that my kids love this channel as she is always family friendly and I don’t have to worry about my kids watching or hearing something they shouldn’t! I love her style and her creative mind.  In addition to Emoji DIY projects she also does DIY school supplies, DIY lip balms & so much more.  These are just a few of the crafty ideas you can find on her channel.  I recommend checking out her channel and subscribing you won’t be disappointed.

Play Doh DIY

Ever wondered how to make your own play doh? Making your own is really easy and quick.  This is a great option to buying it at the store. Kids love homemade play doh. Homemade playdoh makes a great activity to do when the kids are bored, to make as a birthday party activity or to use as a party favor.